The Appeals Specialist

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London & South East Planning Ltd was founded with the primary objective of providing specialist appeal services for clients that have failed to gain planning approval at council level. Our appeal team is comprised of planners with direct working experience within local authorities. This means we understand the thought process that drives decision-making inside councils. Using this insight we have become highly effective at exposing weak justifications given for refusing planning applications

Early on LSE Planning decided to focus solely on appeals, this was to ensure we remained both efficient and competitive when producing casework. This is important to us as we strive to offer the best possible service at a fair and fixed cost. As part of our standard approach we manage the entire process on behalf of our clients when they proceed to appeal, allowing them to relax in the knowledge that everything is being attended to whilst their case is being determined. LSE Planning has experience representing a diverse range of clients at appeal. Our track record in overturning decisions covers everything from residential property to commercial buildings.
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