uPVC Double Glazed Windows (Conservation Area)

Local Council: Havering

Appeal Result: Permission Granted

Development Description: Replacement of existing windows and doors with double glazed uPVC.

Refusal Stated: "The proposed uPVC windows and doors would neither preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the subject property or the Gidea Park Conservation Area, contrary to Policies 26 and 28 of the Havering Local Plan (2016-2031), Policy HC1 of the London Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework."

Background: As a result of the climate and energy crisis we have seen a significant increase in applications for thermally efficient windows and doors. Applications for double glazed uPVC and even timber framed windows are frequently rejected in Conservation Areas by councils. This is not only frustrating but totally at odds with the current crises we face. In this instance LSE put forward a compelling case to the Planning Inspectorate who assessed the potential harm to the Conservation Area and the resulting benefit of the development. After consideration the Inspector was compelled to allow the appeal and thus granted full permission for the proposal. A great result for our clients energy bills and the environment.