Mansard Roof Extension (Conservation Area)

Local Council: Westminster

Appeal Result: Permission Granted

Description: Erection of a mansard roof extension to provide additional living space for a single family dwellinghouse.

Refusal Stated: "Because of the loss of the original butterfly roof, the mansard roof extension would harm the appearance of this building and fail to maintain or improve (preserve or enhance) the character and appearance of the Westbourne Conservation Area. This would not meet Policies 38, 39 and 40 of the City Plan 2019 - 2040 (April 2021)."

Background: This scheme sought to enhance an existing family home with the addition of a mansard roof extension. However, Westminster put up strong opposition to the development due to the property being located within the prestigious Westbourne Conservation Area. Nevertheless, LSE were able to prove at appeal that the LPA's refusal of permission was unjust. We did this by recalibrating the weighting associated with the policy quoted by Westminster and exposed a raft of new policies which was in favour of the development. In addition to this we also gathered a significant volume of supporting precedents which demonstrated this form of development had already permeated within the Conservation Area and was entirely appropriate for the host dwelling. After reviewing our case the Planning Inspectorate was compelled to overturn the decision and grant permission via appeal. This was a fantastic result for the appellant as it provided the opportunity to add substantial value and much needed floorspace.