Vehicle Crossover

Local Council: Wandsworth

Appeal Result: Permission Granted

Description: Formation of vehicle crossover, associated hardstanding and erection of a new front boundary wall with gates.

Refusal Stated: "The proposed works by reason of their siting and design would result in the loss of a substantial section of the front boundary wall and formation of hardstanding, thereby causing undue harm to the character, appearance and setting of the host building, streetscene and the heritage significance of the Wandsworth Common Conservation Area, contrary to DMPD policies DMS1, DMS2 and DMH5 of the DMPD (2016)."

Background: This case received unduly harsh appraisal from the council largely because the property fell within a conservation area. LSE carefully surveyed the neighbourhood and built a profile of development that had been granted permission which was in contrast with this decision. This was then put forward to the Inspectorate alongside the supporting planning policy we unearthed in a written statement. The case was promptly decided and permission was granted. A great result for our client which enabled them to go ahead with their original plans without the need for compromise.