Advice & Information

LSE Planning welcomes dialogue at all stages of the planning process should you need help understanding the system or making a decision that will serve your best interest.

Composing a strategy to give you the best chance of success is important to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity when trying to gain approval for your development. Some strategies may be straight forward others can be more complex for example when you are dealing with a retrospective development which has already been refused at council level.

The jargon and terminology used within planning are often seen as mystifying. On top of this trying to understand when you need planning and when you don’t can also be a minefield which can be very costly if you get it wrong. We are here to offer as much guidance and support as you need to make the right decision.

Some simple questions can often be answered using one of the guides below, alternatively get in touch today and talk with a planning consultant.

Appeal Casework Portal

The Award of Costs at Appeal

Glossary of Planning Terminology

Policy and Legislation Directory

Types of Planning Consent

Planning Use Classes