Corner Plot Side & Rear Extension

Corner Plot Side & Rear Extension

Council: Hillingdon

Reference: 31410/APP/2020/1403

Appeal won: 24/11/2020

Description: Planning permission sought for a single storey side and rear extension. 

Reason given for Refusal: "The proposed single storey side extension, by reason of its size, scale, bulk, proximity to the side boundary and projection forward of the return building line along Ravenscourt Close, in this open prominent position, would result in the closing of an important gap characteristic to the area, resulting in a cramped appearance. The proposal would therefore represent an overdevelopment of the site to the detriment of the visual amenities of the street scene and the character and appearance of the surrounding area.. The proposed development is therefore contrary to Policy BE1 of the Hillingdon Local Plan: Part One - Strategic Policies (November 2012) and Policies DMHB 11, DMHB 12 and DMHD 1 of the Hillingdon Local Plan: Part Two - Development Management Policies."